Updated: Dec. 2017

Discovering, surveying and recording old abandoned and derelict features on the Isle of Wight.

  • The Vectis Moocheteers are a disparate group of prying, stealthy skallywags who like to search, discover and generally poke their collective nose into any hole, tunnel, chasm or abandonment that is available.

  • Stegophily and clandestine infiltration is the game.

  • Their chiefest ally is rain.

  • Snooping while the Island sleeps is their way.

This site has been created without the enthusiastic collaboration of landowners.

The Vectis Moocheteers are naughty monks who slip out of the monastery
after bed-time.
They are the Cat-burglars of Exploration.

"There are numbers of them about, but you will seldom see them. They seldom even see each other. As furtively as the bats of twilight, they shun the eyes of the world, going on their mysterious journeys and retiring as quietly as they set out. Out of the darkness they come, in darkness they remain, and into darkness they go, with most of the epics unrecorded and forgotten."

The Night Climbers of Cambridge by Whipplesnaith 1937.