Updated: Aug. 2017

Discovering, surveying and recording old abandoned and derelict features on the Isle of Wight.

  • The Vectis Moocheteers are a disparate group of prying, stealthy skallywags who like to search, discover and generally poke their collective nose into any hole, tunnel, chasm or abandonment that is available.

  • Stegophily and clandestine infiltration is the game.

  • Their chiefest ally is rain.

  • Snooping while the Island sleeps is their way.

This site has been created without the enthusiastic collaboration of landowners.

The Vectis Moocheteers are naughty monks who slip out of the monastery
after bed-time.
They are the Cat-burglars of Exploration.

"There are numbers of them about, but you will seldom see them. They seldom even see each other. As furtively as the bats of twilight, they shun the eyes of the world, going on their mysterious journeys and retiring as quietly as they set out. Out of the darkness they come, in darkness they remain, and into darkness they go, with most of the epics unrecorded and forgotten.*"

* = The Night Climbers of Cambridge by Whipplesnaith 1937

Thought for the Day

Nothing says Welcome like a Keep Out sign ...

except for maybe a Danger Keep Out Sign

WWII Oil Heritage Officer, emerging from the concrete fuel oil reservoir
of an underground WWII naval fuel storage depot.

The entrance to the concrete fuel oil reservoir.

Oil Tank Fashion Glamour with diamante edgings.

Tribute to The Clash's White Riot single cover by The Vectis Moocheteers.

Ladies toilets in a vast municpal air raid shelter complex.

We finally bumped into the Pompey Moocheteers in a tunnel! So we took a few photos of them!

Managed to light up the tunnel with a long string of lights -
took a lot of sweat and tears to fix them to the walls and ceiling, I can tell you!

A bit of holding hands, shadow art.

More shadow art.

Two beautiful pocket publications, produced by the Media and Information Officer:

Dulux Launch New Colour

Dulux have developed a new tint of grey, which, they say,
is the perfect camouflage colour, Moocheteer Grey.

A Bit of Light Painting

Looking south-eastwards from Fort Redoubt, Freshwater.

Moonlight at Scratchells Bay

Would you believe it? Scratchells Bay at midnight! But with a full moon.

The Fourth Moocheteer
(The Man in the Iron Dustbin)

Moocheteer Shadow Art

Leaf Surfing with the Vectis Moocheteers on the Isle of Wight

Unexpected Find in Needles Sea Level Tunnels.

Typical Vectis Moocheteer Kit 2013

The Trespa-rope in action. The only way into this reservoir (buried in the ground)
was through the opening seen at the top of the picture and down the rope.


Here at The Vectis Moocheteers, we take Health and Safety very, very seriously. That is why we insist that all Vectis Moocheteers are provided with a pair of Trespa-boots, when entering any deep, flooded underground features, that are full of a mixture of sharp, rusted metal objects; assorted plastic detritus; dead animal corpses; broken, discarded fridges/lawnmowers; rotting clothing; and a cocktail of animal urine.

The thick plywood soles are strong enough to resist even the largest, sharpest, most lethal rusty metal spikes, while drainage holes keep the fetid, rancid, stinking water flowing through the boot, so that there is never a build-up of unhealthy fluid around the foot. The height of the boot also traps in any heat, keeping the calf at a comfortable temperature.

For summer use, the Vectis Moocheteer is kitted out with the Trespa-sole, providing foot protection but also very good for crossing thin, sinking river estuary mud/silt or saltmarsh.



Fine Vectis Moocheteer Absinthe

The Vectis Moocheteers are not just gorgeous-looking, Adonis-like investigators; they are also chemists of some repute. They will be producing a select line of own brand drinks and are currently engaged on Vectis Moocheteer Absinthe ©.

The young wormwood plants are being cultivated in special conditions and will soon be ready for planting out in the physic garden.

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Oh no! It's another man in an underground bunker tunnel of deep water with a bag on his head video.
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